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Enzo Margheriti with the sons David and Alberto

Green until the horizon

Everything started in the area surrounding Chiusi, between Tuscany and Umbria, on an enchanted hill overlooking the lake, where living in harmony with nature has always been a common goal, and where Enzo Margheriti was born and has lived forever fascinated by the natural surroundings, and where his passion for plants and gardening inspired him to create the Vivai Margheriti, starting first with small greenhouses on modest strips of hillside at the end of the 60s.

A little at a time, through hard work and dedication, Enzo Margheriti has passed his love and passion for plants on to his children, David and Alberto, and his collaborators, taking his production to new heights: 300 hectares of cultivated land and a selection of over 2,600 different plant species that today make up the renowned Margheriti Piante.

Today the company continues to look towards the future, becoming a milestone in the international scene of garden centres. Our garden centre houses century-old trees of every shape and size that are suited for every location, along with a vast collection of plants, all ready to be transplanted to gardens, green spaces, and to be used to design major works in over 20 countries across the world.

The green area creation for major works and the gardens creation for public and private are possible thank to the big choice of our garden centres.

Today our company is a reference point for architects, landscapers, garden experts and public and private enterprises working to create a variety of natural settings. It is with great pleasure that we invite our clients, operators in the field and plant lovers alike to visit our garden centre.


Our Garden Centre includes a vast assortment of over 2,600 plant species, cultivated both in vases and in the ground, to satisfy every client’s needs: from the realization of green spaces and major works to the landscaping of gardens of every shape and size.

We are also equipped to offer highly qualified services, both the product itself and the professional services of our staff, which is always ready to cater to the clients’ every need and request.




Our Garden Centre is fully equipped mechanically to carry out the work that was once carried out by hand, guaranteeing the design and realization of green spaces and venues of any shape and size, and of landscaping gardens for every occasion with a vast selection of plant species from our garden centre.

Our attention to detail in the preparation and shipping of the plants, both nation-wide and internationally, is an assurance of excellent conditions when they reach their destination.




The covered areas of the garden centre extend 50,000 sq. m. and offer a vast assortment of Mediterranean, Australian and tropical plants suited to landscaping both large and smaller gardens, green spaces, and the realization of major works.

The variation in size of the plants is so extensive that we are able to offer everything from plant cuttings with roots to trees that are over 12 metres high.



Major Works

Our long history, the characteristics of the territory in which we operate, and the extraordinary Tuscan climate have allowed us to cultivate, reproduce and conserve, in the course of time, numerous species, suited to both a Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry, and a Northern Europe climate, which is colder and more humid, allowing us to realize major works, both public and private, and to landscape gardens, parks and green spaces.

Our production distinguishes itself for the excellent quality and vast assortment of fine tree specimens and shrubs ready to be transplanted all year round, and which, thanks to the techniques used, we ship well beyond the confines of Europe.

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Major Works